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Welcome to the official website of Certified Home Inspection. This site is designed to inform you of the Home Inspection process and why you should choose Certified Home Inspection. Please note that Certified Home Inspection is independent and does not work for any Realtors, or Real Estate companies. However many professional in the field of Real Estate will recommend that we perform your Home Inspection.  Also keep in mind that every home will most likely have some type of defect. It is our goal to point out even the smallest of defects and explain along with Digital Photographs that show any and all concerns. We use an easy to read Photographic Reporting System. This reporting System is NOT download off the internet. We do not have to explain that buying a home is a big investment or that the buying process can be complex and trying. What you do need to know is that the home you are buying is safe, and free of any major defects that may cost thousands of dollars shortly after your closing. Certified Home Inspection will not only uncover any major concerns that exist but point out the smallest of details that you will need to know once you are living in your new home.

We recommend that our clients accompany us during the inspection so that any and all questions can be answered on site. During the inspection you will become more familiar with the homes Systems and Components and how they work. Keep in mind that an inspection done by Certified Home Inspection will take from         1 1\2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the home. You will receive have enough information at the end of the inspection to make an informative decision as to the purchase of your new home.

We have performed Over 1000 Home Inspections over the last 11 years in the following areas and are not limited to:

Alden, Amherst, Angola, Blasdell, Boston, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Colden, Darien, Derby, East Aurora, Ellicottville, Evans, Fillmore, Glenwood, Gowanda, Hamburg, Holland, Irving, Java, Jamestown, Lackawanna, Lakeview, Lancaster, Lewiston, Lockport, Marilla, Niagara Falls, North Collins, Orchard Park, Pike, Tonawanda, West Falls, West Seneca, Youngstown.



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